thought leadership:

Digital Economy

The Reason Group Digital Economy paper captures some of our perspectives on the challenges at hand, our ambitions relevant to the Government’s agenda, and where our business and others can work with Government towards a smarter, digital economy for Australia in the future.

Our vision for a Smarter Australia® is one where Australia continues to punch above our weight, leading the rest of the world in the digital economy in key areas such as agriculture, education, health care, and tourism.

Australia has many areas of competitive strength, such as energy resources and medical and mining related technologies. We also have significant opportunities in emerging sectors like FinTech and precision agriculture. However, to remain a lucky-country, we must manage smarter. We must create more locally grown businesses capturing the value of the significant export opportunities that exist right on our own door-step.

A Smarter Australia® makes the digital economy relevant to all Australians by growing new kinds of businesses and jobs outside capital cities, replacing businesses that have traditionally supported regional communities.